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Ever aware of the climate change, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team has been committed to protecting the planet and our natural environment in collaboration with the CO2logic experts. Within the #ItStartsWithUs initiative, the team started several projects the last years. Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl’s #ItStartsWithUs sustainability initiative engages the team in concrete action projects and aims to change within and beyond cycling.

Getting the support of sponsor Specialized, the team launches an auction of a special Roubaix frame.

The funds raised will support a Belgian regenerative agriculture project, helping farmers to reduce land disturbance, decrease the use of synthetic fertilizers and to maintain biodiversity in the ecosystem.


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S-Works Roubaix frame


The unique Roubaix frame embodies the team’s #ItStartsWithUs project, referring to the Ventoux forest. It is left in raw carbon and instead of paint, the texture and color are hand drawn with charcoal, paying homage to the forest once plundered for its resources. The texture represents the fur of the wolves that fought to survive in this territory and refers to the second skin of the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team, The Wolfpack. Splashes of color disrupt the dark raw pigments of the frame to symbolise the brightness found in new life. The team's manifesto is also reflected in the chrome, inviting the viewer to look at themselves and remember that they too play a part in the fight to save our planet.

Join the pack now, and participate in this exclusive auction for the protection of the planet !

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Soil Capital is a Belgian company founded to address climate change by supporting farmers to adopt more profitable and regenerative soil practices.

Through its platform, Soil Capital carries out carbon assessments with arable farmers.

In 2022, 100 farmers received the payment that accompanies their carbon certification, which verifies the reduction of CO2 emissions and increased carbon sequestration in the soil. This additional income rewards farmers for their actions to improve soil fertility, biodiversity and water retention.

“ My sister and I started working on the farm with our dad seven years ago and we convinced him to reduce soil preparation before seeding and convert to organic. I see carbon storage as a promising source of funding for the future of agriculture ”

Guillaume Debouge / Belgium Farmer in Clavier.
Has generated carbon certificates and received his first carbon payment in 2022

Join the auction, and support farmers like Guillaume committed to a transition to regenerative agriculture close to home!

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