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The Wolfpack x CO2logic:

Ends october 6th, 12pm Brussels

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As the first cycling team in the world to be Carbon Neutral, Deceuninck – Quick-Step is strongly committed to battling climate change and is engaged in reducing its environmental impact, compensating its CO2 emissions and educating riders, staff and partners.

Today, going one step further, Deceuninck – Quick-Step and CO2logic are partnering together for the benefit of a Climate Project in France-Brittany and have organised the online auction of a limited edition Tarmac SL7 frame designed by Specialized, of which the profits will go directly to this climate project.

Discover this unique piece and try your luck!

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S-works Tarmac SL7


The Specialized’s graphic design team created a unique concept serving as testimony of The Wolfpack's efforts.

Kayla Clarot, Principal Concept Designer for Specialized, dove into a design led by the team’s reforestation project last season on the Mont Ventoux.

The frame is left raw carbon, and instead of paint, the texture is drawn on by hand. The bright splashes of color disrupt the dark raw pigments on the frame to symbolize brightness that is found in new life. The final touch is the #ItStartsWithUs sustainability manifesto mirrored in chrome, forcing the person looking at the design to reflect on themselves and remember that they too play a role in the fight to save our planet.

There is only one single piece, don’t miss out on it !

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The cycling team Deceuninck – Quick-Step, its partner Specialized, CO2logic, various partners of the project and the owner of the land are proud to work together for this afforestation1 project.

Based in the region of the 2021 Tour de France Grand Depart, in France-Brittany, the project is one of the first ‘Label bas Carbone’ climate action projects in France.

This initiative reduces the carbon footprint by sequestering CO2 through the growth of planted trees and promotes biodiversity.

We will plant more than 3000 trees by the end of 2021, local tree species (beeches, sessile oaks, wild apple trees, etc.) in order to favor the growth of different kinds of trees. This is necessary for a forest rich in biodiversity and for the provision of food for the local fauna (small mammals, wild boars, deer).

Be part of this amazing project.

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1 Afforestation : the act or process of establishing a forest especially on land not previously forested.